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Sapɔ or “Exfoliating Bathing Net”

The Asaa Boutique

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These nylon bathing nets are used all over the diaspora to clean and maintain soft skin. The net pattern allows for easy cleaning and efficient drying - unlike tightly woven loofah poof that can harbor odor and bacteria.

Wet your sapɔ and apply your favorite soap we recommend our Ghanaian black soap, work into a lather and gently rub all over body, allow the sapɔ  to gently exfoliate your skin.  Follow up with some rich Shea butter for a healthy glow.

Each sapo is about 13inches wide and at least 40 inches long un-stretched (exact size may vary). Despite the various colors, all of our sapo are the same texture. Select the color that matches your “shower aesthetic” the best!